UTEP resources for grads paying back student loans

UTEP campus

College students are facing a staggering amount in student loans. According to a recent CBS news story, grads owe more than $1.4 trillion dollars.

According to the same CBS news story, the average graduate has more than $37,000 in student loan debt.

CBS 4 reached out to UTEP to find out what resources are available to students.

School officials sent us the following statement:

"The Office of Student Financial Aid works diligently to assist current students and recent graduates, and staff is available throughout the year to answer questions about the loan repayment process.

In"In addition, students are contacted via email and are directed toward the federal exit loan counseling tool, along with various other resources, to assist students in understanding how to repay their student loans. Students have access to videos that explain the process in a simple and straightforward manner with titles including “Responsible Borrowing,” “Repayment: What to Expect” and “How to Manage Your Student Loans.”

Students"Students may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid via or 915-747-5204."

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