Update: Witness says driver hits man, sends him flying in air above stop sign

Police said this is the car involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash that happened in South Central El Paso on June 17.

A hit-and-run crash killed a 68-year-old man Saturday night, and police are still searching for the driver.

Police said the 68-year-old Leonardo Lozano was hit by a car while crossing the street at the intersection of Cleveland and Clark. One witness said the man was hit so hard, he flew up higher than the height of a stop sign.

Police said the driver was driving at a high speed when he ran the stop sign. Police said the driver took off after the impact.

CBS4 spoke to one man who grew up and lives on the street, Rod Cazares. Cazares said he had just pulled up in front of his house when he heard the car zooming past him. He said people speed down his street all the time, but not as fast as this driver.

"I noticed the pedestrian walking," Cazares said, noting at first he didn't see any brake lights. "Finally I saw the brake lights. I heard the tires screeching from where he slammed on the brakes. And they screeched for about half a second and that's when I saw the man go airborne, up to half the distance of that light pole, half the height," Cazares said. "His legs go over his head twice. That's how hard the impact was. Then he flew another 30 feet from where he actually got struck to where he landed."

From there, Cazares said he started his car and tried to follow the driver, but says he couldn't safely go fast enough to catch him.

Police said they are looking for a man in his 30s or 40s driving a faded black sports car, possibly an early 1990s two-door Honda Civic with front-end damage and about 14-inch wheels.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact STI at 915-212-4000 or contact Crime Stoppers of El Paso at 915-566-8477.

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