Transgender woman arrested by ICE faces new slew of forgery charges

Surveillance footage from the El Paso County courthouse taken on Feb. 9, 2017.

The transgender woman detained by ICE at the El Paso County Courthouse in February is facing even bigger problems.

Irvin Gonzalez is facing more than 200 counts of fraud for a money order scheme according to a 231-page forgery indictment.

Maria Alvarado is one of the hundreds of people who had money orders stolen from the mail.

“They told me where they were processed and you could see how carefully they erased my husband’s name,” Alvarado said.

She said $600 worth of monthly house payments were stolen from her by Gonzalez.

Police say Gonzalez and her boyfriend stole money orders from post office drop boxes, removed the names, and cashed the money orders for themselves.

Gonzalez faces 237 counts of forgery. The amounts in each case range from $20 to more than $800.

Gonzalez is also accused of fraud for ripping off multiple elderly people.

Alvarado eventually got her money back, but not before months of back and forth. She said the whole ordeal cost her much more than that with the stress and time it took to straighten things out.

“Well I would ask that they have a little more consideration for people like us,” Alvarado said.

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