Young cancer fighter could lose mother in new battle

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A young girl who’s battled cancer twice could now lose her mother.

Alia Escobedo is back at the hospital after breathing issues. Now, her road to recovery is weighed down by the possible loss of her mother and guardian angel.

“She’s 8 years old and has been struggling with this for the last two years,” Dr. Mary Lacaze, at El Paso’s Children Hospital, said.

Alia's first fight was with bone cancer. Then Dr. Lacaze found lung cancer.

“Alia unfortunately has a very rare, very rare variant,” Lacaze said. “It tends to be more refractory to treatment,”

For every painful treatment Alia's mother has been there holding her hand telling her not to cry but Maria De Loera may not be there much longer.

“They want me to leave but I keep telling them how,” De Loera said.

De Loera could be deported. She and her lawyer say she does not have a criminal record.

They said she applied for political asylum in 2014, after her husband was killed in Juarez. While that was being processed, Alia got sick. Asylum was eventually denied but the family was granted a stay of deportation twice because of Alia's condition. Until this year when their request for renewal was denied.

“At this time we're really pleading with ICE and we're asking for their benevolence and we're asking for them to exercise what they have in their discretion,” Linda Rivas, executive director of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center.

De Loera's immigration attorney, Rivas, said De Loera needs to stay by Alia's side.

“I don't get tired because she's my daughter and I'll always be here for her,” De Loera said.

But that's a promise she may not be able to keep.

“How are they going to manage with her? Who is going to take care of her?,” De Loera said.

CBS4 reached out to ICE for comment on the case but haven’t gotten back to us yet.

De Loera has a hearing Monday morning where she could be deported. Her attorney says they will plead her case and hope she can stay in the U.S. with Alia who requires frequent medical attention.

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