Terrorism Alert Desk Feb. 18

Terrorism Alert Desk

For the first time ever, a case against an alleged ISIS supporter is going to trial in a Phoenix court.

Opening statements are underway in the trial of Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem. He is accused of providing material support to ISIS.

Officials are connecting him to a thwarted terrorist plot in Texas last year.

His alleged co-conspirators were killed in a gun battle with police.


U.S. troops in Iraq have moved into a region where ISIS just used mustard gas.

They are setting up a new base with Iraqi troops right near Islamic State group's front lines.

Last August, ISIS fired shells filled with chemical weapons that landed near the new base. The attack sickened dozens of Kurdish troops.


Secretary of State John Kerry met with a group of Hollywood studio executives for advice on fighting ISIS propaganda.

Kerry says he called the meeting to discuss ideas about how to counter what he calls the Islamic State "Narrative."

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