Trial for man suspected of helping San Bernardino shooters delayed

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Unites States intelligence officials said the size of ISIS is shrinking in Iraq and Syria but growing in Libya.

New estimates put the size in Iraq and Syria between 19,000 and 25,000 down from close to 30,000.

The revised estimate came as the White House is considering an expansion of anti-ISIS operations and airstrikes into Libya.

New developments, related to Tuesday's explosion on plane in the sky above Somalia.

Investigators now said they suspect the Al Shabaab militant group to be behind the bomb blast.

The group however has not claimed responsibility.

There has been a delay in the trial for the man accused of helping the shooters in San Bernardino.

A judge postponed Enrique Marquez's trial for five months. Marquez is accused of supplying rifles and explosive powder used during the attacks.

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