YouTube vlogger recounts deadly police shooting: 'I could not react'

YouTube Blogger caught officer involved shooting on video. Video shows two officers fire back at driver. 8/02/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)


The man who died in the confrontation with police has been identified as 25-year old Miguel Salas. The Clark County coroner doe snot have a state or city of residence for Salas, and says the official cause and manner of death is pending.


Video captured by an iPad camera shows the beginning of what led to the shooting of two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers.

In the video, you can see the officers walk up to the gray truck and start talking to the driver. About three minutes into the conversation police pull out their guns. We stopped the video before the shots rang out. You could hear gunfire exchanged between the officers and driver. Police say one of the officers took a bullet to the chest while the other one had his belt pierced by a bullet.

Youtube vlogger Steven Nagy-Szakal shot the video from his workplace.

Nagy-Szakal said, "I couldn't react honestly. I could not react. I was just watching it."

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Police say they initially were called by a man who said his cell phones were stolen by the driver. It's what led the two officers to this truck. Mario Perez heard the gunfire from his mechanic shop.

"My boss comes running in he's like there's a shoot out going on. shoot out going on," Perez said.

Police say the driver shot himself, taking his own life. Police records show this is the fifteenth officer involved shooting this year for the department. The fourth one in four weeks. Sheriff Joe Lombardo in a news conference outside UMC hospital spoke about what he called troubling numbers.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said, "we've had more than one circumstance where individuals have presented a firearm and attempted to fire on our police officers. now unfortunately in this situation they accomplished."

The Clark County Corner still hasn't released the name of the man who fired on police. as for the officers involved, they are said to be doing fine. Perez feels the officers handled the situation well.

Mario Perez said, "It's a dangerous job you know being a cop. people always cry when a shooting happens that he kind of situation they face every day.

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