Catholics from across two nations crowd streets to get glimpse of Pope Francis

Pope Francis riding in his popemobile down a busy street in Ciudad Juarez.

People who couldn't attend Wednesday's papal Mass crowded the streets just to get a glimpse of Pope Francis.

CBS4 anchor Nate Barrett stood outside Krystal Hotel in Ciudad Juarez, and Pope Francis' motorcade passed by twice during its trip around Juarez.

In each instance, the crowd cheered, sang and came bearing gifts for the pope.

People from all over Mexico and the U.S. were in the crowd. Most of them planned for this trip, but one couple from Indiana just got lucky.

Bev and John Hansberry planned to visit their son, who lives in Juarez. Their trip happened to be at the same time as the papal visit.

"It was very exciting and it was wonderful to be here, and we would do it again. We're glad we were here," said Bev Hansberry.

"We've seen a lot of things over the years. We've seen U.S. presidents up close and lots of famous people, but he tops the list. He's an inspiration," said John Hansberry.

By around 7 p.m., Pope Francis was on his plane heading back to Rome after a historic trip to Mexico.

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