Gallery: Pope In Juarez visit

The day the Borderland has been waiting for arrived Wednesday.

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered near the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium in Juárez to take part in the papal Mass.

Journalists from all over the world also made the trip.

Buses carrying hundreds from the media left from Cibeles Event Center around noon were escorted by police.

Our crews were among the many journalists that boarded the buses to the Mass grounds.

Once there, everyone walked almost 2 miles to the designated press area where the wait consisted of either standing or sitting on dirt.

Journalists were not allowed to leave their spots -- not even to use the bathroom.

None the less some Juárez residents said the wait is well worth it.

One woman said that Juárez needs the pope's blessing now more than ever.

"Everyone sees Juárez in a negative light and this is great for the city," Norma Diaz said.

Diaz was in her spot at the Mass since 6 a.m.

Religious singers kept the crowd excited before Pope Francis' arrival and encouraged those tired from standing in the almost 85-degree weather.

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