Dead pit bulls in trash bags being dumped in San Elizario irrigation canal


Trash bags in a canal are bad enough, but what's inside them is even more concerning.

"You can tell that there's something heavy in them, and it's not trash normally," said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

Instead, the bags contain dead pit bulls.

The resident who talked to CBS4 lives near the canal. He said he first noticed the problem a year ago.

"It's the smell. You can smell it all the way to the corner over here," he said.

He said the pit bulls get thrown into the canal two-three times a month.

They're usually wrapped in plastic, carpet or trash bags.

Each time, he has to call the irrigation district to dispose of the bodies.

"You can see there's mutilations done to their body and that makes me sad. It makes me angry," he said.

He said the frequency of the dumping, along with the number of dogs that are dumped each time, makes him think there's a dog-fighting ring nearby.

CBS4 problem solver Adria Iraheta contacted the San Elizario Town Marshal.

All he could say was that there's an investigation, and it's undetermined if there is a dog-fighting ring in the area.

In the meantime, it's up to neighbors to come forward with any information that might help catch whoever is responsible.

"Somebody's gotta know something. It's happening close to here. There's no way somebody's going to drive miles and miles away with a dead dog," the resident said.

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