El Paso gun group says irresponsible shooters are aiming towards high school

Pebble Hills High School (Courtesy: CBS4)

There are new concerns about people shooting guns in the direction of a local high school. A group of local gun owners sent the CBS-4 Problem Solvers a picture showing a row of targets in the desert in Far East El Paso. In the background of the photo right across the street, you can see Pebble Hills High School in Far East El Paso.

That local gun owners group told CBS4 people were shooting guns right at that spot this past weekend. By the location of the targets, you can tell they were aiming towards the sand. But the problem is, if the shooter were to aim just a couple feet too high, they could potentially send a bullet flying straight towards Pebble Hills High School, which is less than a mile away.

During the week, this plot of desert is supposed to be closed off for construction. The construction company said workers found targets and used ammo casings on the ground Monday morning and had to clean it up. That means the shooters probably came over the weekend, when there's no workers and school is not in session. But, as SISD points out, there are still school events on the weekend, mostly on Saturdays.

The gun group that alerted the Problem Solvers about the targets said any experienced, knowledgeable shooter would never practice here. One member said you should always know your target, and what's behind your target.

"Two things: They didn't clean up after themselves. More importantly, a rifle or pistol bullet can travel as much as 2 miles," said local firearms consultant Rodney Linkous. "So we have those people in danger. Shotguns it's a little different but bad habits are bad habits."

Socorro ISD sent CBS4 the following statement:

We have not had any calls related to "shots fired" in and around the area of Pebble Hills High School. This type of activity commonly occurs on the weekend when our kids are not in school.
In the event that we receive a call for service regarding this type of activity our plan of action would be to place the campus on a ‘shelter in place’ status and get everyone inside and safe while PD investigates.

El Paso police said it is illegal to shoot guns anywhere within city limits.

"You also cannot shoot within a thousand feet of a building or fire toward buildings. It's under one of the state codes," Linkous said.

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