Roads closed for days near San Jacinto Plaza due to water main break

Water main break being investigated in Downtown El Paso

Wednesday Update: One southbound lane at the Mesa and Mills intersection has reopened. Construction still ongoing for water main break.


El Paso Water crews remain in downtown at the scene of a water main break that happened Tuesday making repairs.

Crews began repairing the water line at 4 a.m. following the water main break.

While workers fix the line, some business owners dealt with the mess it caused.

“I heard a really loud boom. It shook the buildings,” Gerardo Hernandez, owner of Borderland Brawlers Boxing Club, said.

Hernandez lives close to his boxing gym. By the time he made it there, he found water on the lower level. He said the flooding forced him to stay closed Tuesday in the morning and early afternoon.

“I was hoping it would open up later this afternoon because every minute I lose money,” Hernandez said.

Fighters had to be turned away as they came in for training.

Meanwhile, Gelaine Apuan, at Mac’s Place Restaurant, was waiting for customers during the usual lunch-hour rush.

“My business was down probably about two-thirds of what it normally is,” Apuan said. “And that was because I had a customer say, ‘Oh, I'm so glad I took a chance to come in because they said you were closed.’”

Her storage basement had about 4 inches of water in it. Thanks to high shelves, most of her goods were safe.

But Apuan is still worried that she'll lose more money if people don't stop by.

“We're hoping that because most of our businesses is walk-up business that it doesn't affect us that much,” Apuan said. “Our evening business may be affected.”

Police are advising people to avoid the area if possible.

Water service in the area was restored.

We'll keep you updated on the air and online when more information becomes available.

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