Property tax deadline looms

April 15 is a day dreaded by most Americans.

That's the day federal taxes are due, but for Iowa property owners, Tuesday won't be that much fun either.

Property taxes are due Tuesday.

A statement was sent out last fall about payments.

The first installment was due in September.

The second installment is due March 1, they become delinquent as of April 1.

Starting Wednesday, there will be a one and a half percent penalty added to delinquent tax bills

If property taxes are not paid by then, it will go to tax sale in June.

"If they can't pay the full half year installment we do accept payments, we do collect the amount of interest that's due at that time and apply a partial payment to the principal of the tax," said Roberta Roth-Neff, Wapello County treasurer.

Payments can be made online by e-check or credit card.

Residents can also pay at the treasurer's office by cash, check or debit card.

Online payments can be made until midnight Tuesday night.