Sun City Roller Girls land new track

EL PASO, TX -- When the Sun City Roller Girls opened for business seven years ago, it was a small contingent of women getting together to relieve a little stress. Slowly it went from bouncing around locations on the west side to Mission Valley Ballroom and now, a brand new banked track right behind the El Paso County Coliseum for the 40-player, five team league. The banked track, which rides on a curve similar to a race car track, ups the speed and intensity once the skaters get to action. "The goal was to always get the banked track and once we had the banked track now we have our goal and we have her here," said league founder Terry Lopez who also goes by her roller derby name, "Frida Kreuger." "This track is great. I feel like it pushes you and is way faster," said Audrey Russell also known as Lady Latte Pain. Russell is a 22-year old junior at UTEP who works two jobs at cafes, giving the coffee reference to her alias. Lopez, who is an account executive at a marketing firm during the nine to five grind, loves the unknown that surrounds her everyday life. "By day, I'm with my clients and they have no idea I'm a roller girl and at night, Freida Kreuger comes out," Lopez said. Patsy Castanon, also known as "Bedazzled", is a mother of three who support her avidly when she takes the track. "My eight-year old is in the crowd yelling, 'Mom, why'd you fall? Get up!' It's exciting," Castanon said. While someone knocks you down in the rink, they're right there to pick you up once the clock hits zero. "The days that you're having a bad day, you just wanna come out here and enjoy laughs and smiles, fall, get back up and never give up," Castanon said. The Sun City Roller Girls are next in action on March 29 at 6 p.m. and hold bouts one Sunday every month. For more information about the Sun City Roller Girls visit their website:
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