NMSU, UNM rivalry could grow as basketball coach heads to Lobos

File: On Tuesday, UNM announced hiring head coach Paul Weir away from NMSU.

The Aggie-Lobo rivalry in basketball could reach some hostile new levels in the coming years.

On Tuesday, UNM announced hiring head coach Paul Weir away from NMSU.

The vice president of athletics at UNM tweeted the news around 8 a.m. It was a tweet that sent shock waves across the NMSU campus.

“I was really disappointed just because I felt we had such a strong community within NMSU,” NMSU student Dominique Trujillo said.

Paul Weir is jumping ship, but he’s not just leaving NMSU for a bigger school.

He’s joining the enemy, the hated New Mexico Lobos.

“I think he’ll probably definitely get some boos and some jeers but you know,” NMSU student Chad Dominion said.

Weir led the Aggies to 28 victories and a Western Athletic Conference Championship in his only season as head coach.

Sophomore guard Matt Taylor says he’s disappointed, but also thankful to Weir for a memorable season.

“We’ll forever be in debt to him. Obviously, we had a really good year, best season in program history, so you know for him to do that in one year that’s obviously amazing,” Taylor said.

Weir came to NMSU in 2007 as an assistant.

Taylor says Weir was more than a coach to his players and respects his decision to leave NMSU.

“He’s been like a father figure, a brother, a coach, definitely a mentor, you know. He’s taught us so much stuff throughout the years. He helped me grow as a man and I think all of my teammates can say the same thing,” Taylor said.

While Taylor and the players may understand the move, you can bet next seasons games with UNM will be even rowdier than usual.

“It gets crazy man, I’ll tell you both sides are there in numbers and it’s loud, it’s chaotic you know,” Dominion said.

NMSU’s athletic department declined to be interviewed about Weir leaving the university.

But athletic director Mario Moccia sent out this tweet:

NMSU has not set a time frame for finding a replacement.

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