Thanksgiving travel safety tips

He's not an emergency worker, but you could still say Scott Brummitt saves lives for a living. Here, he's making sure the brakes on this car are in good shape. It's among a number of maintainance issues to keep an eye on before hitting the road.

"Check the brakes, the major things you need, the wiper blades and fluids to make sure they're fine," said Brummitt, owner of Scott's Auto Repair.

And this message never gets old: it's essential you monitor your tire tread. "This tire is severely worn out, but these bars tell you when the tread is down as low as it can go before you have to change the tire," said Brummitt.

And steer clear of bad tires on other people's cars. "I'd look for cars that have a wobble, kind of a low speed wobble or shakes at different speeds," he said.

But sometimes emergencies happen. So if you do end up on the side of the road."Turn your emergency flashers on. Also raise your hood. This gives us some type of indication of stress that you're in and troopers will be on the lookout for you," said Alabama State Trooper, Curtis Summerville.

Make sure you've done your part while you're waiting for help. A few items could come in handy. "Those essential things like jumper cables, spare tires, flares, vests if you are out changing a tire you can put that on," said Summerville.

After you've made a trip to the mechanic, and stocked up on emergency items, your check list still isn't complete. Remember to keep yourself in check. "You have to abide by traffic laws. They're there for a reason. They're not just there to hinder you from going where you need to in a timely manner. There are so many people traveling and if these laws are not in place it will be total chaos on the highways," said Summerville.