Local musician ‘Wildsters’ featured on first episode of J&K Present video series

J&K Presents

El Paso-raised artist, Wildsters, is featured in the debut episode of “J&K Present’s Extended Play,” which launched Monday. "Extended Play” is an online video series that examines the backstories and talents of local music prospects.

Other artists that will appear in the series are rapper Young Deluxe, singer Miles Angel, and indie band Fat Camp. At the conclusion of the series, all four musicians will perform at an exclusive showcase at the El Paso Museum of Art on May 25.

They are all set to perform at the 2018 Neon Desert Music Festival on May 26 and 27.

Wildsters was born in Denver before she and her family moved to her father’s native Puerto Rico. At the age of 7, they moved to El Paso.

She attended high school at Silva Health Magnet High, where she took up music under the guidance of the choir director, Elvin Portflit. There, she began writing and recording music, and uploading her work to SoundCloud.

Wildsters describes her genre of music as her own unique style that uses combinations of different types of music, but her favorite genre of music is rap.

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