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Omigod, you guys! EPISD presents Legally Blonde the Musical

Omigod, you guys! EPISD presents Legally Blonde the Musical (Photo: CBS4/KFOX)
Omigod, you guys! EPISD presents Legally Blonde the Musical (Photo: CBS4/KFOX)
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Omigod, you guys! The El Paso International School District (EPISD) is presenting Legally Blonde the Musical for it's 37th annual Summer Music Program.

The show's opening night is Wednesday, July 13, and will run through Saturday, July 16. All performances will be at 7:30 p.m. at the Bowie High School Auditorium. Admission is free!

EPISD Director of Fine Arts, Phillip Barraza, said the EPISD Summer Music Program is the longest running high school program in the state, and possibly the nation.

The production is completely put on by students from various schools throughout EPISD, from dancing, singing and even the live orchestra that plays at each show.

"You'll see our students up on stage. They're the best of the best. You'll swear you're viewing an actual Broadway production," said Barraza.

An overwhelming consensus for Barraza and the show's actors was that the Summer Music Program is about much more than the musical itself.

"It teaches responsibility. It teaches self confidence. It teaches life skills that one needs regardless of what comes your way in life and regardless of what career path one chooses," said Barraza.

Camila McCord Vasquez, a Coronado High School student playing Elle Woods, said if you'd asked her just a few years ago, she'd never imagined being chosen to play the role. She's thanking the Summer Music Program not just for what it's done for her, but for spreading art to all across the Sun City.

"I think the best part of the summer musical is how accessible it makes art for people. I think art can be seen as a luxury, and I think art is essential to the soul," said McCord Vasquez.

She added that playing a role as standout as Elle Woods is empowering, and that's what she hopes audience members take away from the show too.

"If this touches one little girl who thinks, "I can still be feminine, and I can still wear pink, and I can be a lawyer, or I can be a doctor. I don't have to give up my femininity for this. Or one little boy who says, "I can be feminine even though I'm not a girl." I just want to give people power with this because Elle has given me power," she stated.

In addition to empowerment and lifelong skills, the Summer Music Program has brought many EPISD students together, creating lifelong friendships. They say they created their bond through the hard work needed to put on a successful show.

"I'm excited for it because it's an opportunity for us to show the audience what we've put together as a team. I honestly can't say which part is the best because it's all in one giant effort to make this a good show," said Samuel Gutirrez, a Coronado High School student playing Professor Callahan.

Barraza echoed the sentiment, stating, "It really brings them together [the students] as a family. They learn about themselves and bring out the best in one another and in themselves."

If students are interested in participating in the Summer Music Theater, cost is completely free, from costumes to makeup and auditions. McCord Vasquez wanted to offer advice to any aspiring performer.

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"to any young actor out there who thinks they're not enough to be a leading lady or a leading man or just a leading person in a show, or that you're not strong enough, yes you are. Work at your craft. Give it all that you have, and one day you'll see your name up on that list, she said.

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