Daughter of fallen Hatch officer gets special escort on first day of school

Truth or Consequences police Officer Anthony Zagorski escorted the 6-year-old Aryam to school. Credit: KFOX14

A year after Hatch police Officer Jose Chavez was killed, another local police officer stepped up to take the late policeman's daughter to school.

Monday was Aryam’s first day at Hillrise Elementary, and she did not go in alone.

Truth or Consequences police Officer Anthony Zagorski escorted the 6-year-old to school.

“I have no doubt that she will fit right in,” Zagorski said. “She’ll be welcomed; she’ll become part of the community in no time and feel sale and welcomed here at Hillrise.”

Zagorski said Aryam didn’t seem nervous about school at first, but as soon as she lost sight of her mom, she started crying.

“But we got everything figured out and talked to her for a minute and cleared it up for her and let her know that we would be back in a couple of hours,” Zagorski said.

Zagorski and Chavez went to the police academy together and he said he was there today because Chavez would have done the same thing for him.

Chavez was shot and killed during a traffic stop Aug. 12, 2016.

The shooter, Jesse Hanes, plead guilty earlier this year and faces a life sentence without parole.

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