Students watch eclipse from Austin High School

Students gathered to watch the partial solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. Credit: CBS4

Students returning to class at Austin High School took a break from their first day to get a glimpse at history.

CBS 4 joined them on the quad as they came out in groups to see something that hadn't happened in decades.

While it didn't get completely dark, the students were still amazed as they watched the eclipse.

"I'd never seen that before, so that was pretty amazing," said Itzel Amaya, student at Austin High School.

The students took turns so that everyone had protective glasses.

"The students’ reactions are just priceless. They're not really expecting to see too much, but then when they have the glasses on they look up at the sun they're all, ‘Wow, that's neat.’ Something that you don't get to see every day," said Julie Gonzalez, student activities manager at Austin High School.

The next total solar eclipse to pass over the U.S. will be in 2024. Because of its path, forecasters say we could get a better view from El Paso than this time around.

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