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El Paso mom makes it her mission to help thousands support their own families

Bianca Cervantes with her daughter Ava. (Credit: Bianca Cervantes){p}{/p}
Bianca Cervantes with her daughter Ava. (Credit: Bianca Cervantes)

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It’s Wednesday, which means CBS4 gets to showcase another woman in the borderland who’s Breaking the Bias.

CBS4 On Your Side introduces you to Bianca Cervantes, an El Paso mom who’s made it her mission to help thousands of people across the borderland support their own families.

“I am currently the communications director at Workforce Solutions Borderplex, where I am the storyteller for the organization,” Cervantes said.

As a single mom, Cervantes understands first hand just how important it is to maintain a steady job.

Her experiences, makes her career as the Communications Director of Workforce Solutions Borderplex, even more meaningful as she helps others reach their full potential.

“You get tens of thousands of people the right job, the right education and the right skill set where they belong, in alignment with who they are, then you start to see that vibration take effect in the economy and the community as a whole. So that's what's the most important for us, is empowerment of the entire community for businesses and individuals alike,” Cervantes said.

For Cervantes, the saying stays true, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Her main goal is to help others find a job that they love as well.

“We're trying to help them find their purpose and help them find something not only that they just love, but something that is going to be sustainable and that's going to bring them joy,” Cervantes said.

She said while it fills her cup to help thousands of job seekers across the borderland, what also makes her whole, is her daughter.

“Giving birth to Ava was one of the first, most mind blowing, everything needs to change in the way I was living my life. In terms of not just raising a good human that makes good decisions, but cultivating an environment where she was going to be able to thrive in the future,” Cervantes said.

An environment that holds men and women at an equal standard.

“We need to change legislation, we need to adjust the circumstances around us so that women have a level playing field,” Cervantes said.

She said she will continue to advocate for equality in the workforce.

“What we're trying to do at Workforce is get more women into male dominated industries first, let's get them comfortable, let's get them in construction, let's get them in IT, engineering all of the male dominated fields. Then let's get them coached up on this imposter syndrome that you hear of, where if a woman sitting at a round table full of men, it's really intimidating,” Cervantes said. “We want to coach them with assertiveness and knowing that just because you're a female doesn't mean that you can't speak up.”

While balancing motherhood and a career can be tough at times for Cervantes.

“I’m at a place where I love my job. I love being a mom and when I wake up I'm not 100% happy all the time. But I’m human, and I even embrace the not so great moments,” Cervantes.

She hopes her journey can inspire others that even in those not so great moments, there is so much to be thankful for. For Cervantes, one of those things, is a career that's helping others.

“You’re impacting the family, you're impacting the generation and you see that directly with this job.”

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