Holloman AFB Master Sgt. is on road to recovery

Holloman AFB Master Sgt. is on road to recovery.

Lisa Goad is a lot of things. A master sergeant at Holloman Air Force Base, a competitor in the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games, and a victim of sexual assault.

“In 2008 I was sexually assaulted by my fiancé,” said Goad. “As my career progressed, my injuries got significantly worse.”

In 2013 Goad needed the first of four hip surgeries to repair the damage from the assault.

“I got enrolled in Air Force Wounded Warrior in May of 2016, specifically for adaptive sports, because I was recovering from my first hip surgery,” said Goad. “I decided that I needed to focus on myself because I was just getting worse. I wasn’t getting any better and I was continuing to put everything and everyone else in front of my care.”

Goad says the more she exercised the better her body and her injuries felt. It was then she realized she needed to take care of her mental health, too.

“After I started attending the camps is when I realized I had PTSD,” said Goad. “I started listening to other people’s stories, and realized, ‘Oh, I do that or that happens to me or that’s the way I feel.’”

Goad qualified to represent the U.S. Air Force in the Warrior Games. This year’s event is being held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs June 1-9. It features more than 250 military personnel who are severely injured or ill. Competitors come from the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.

“My family has been incredibly supportive through everything. There’s no way I would be able to have this much training without them by my side,” Goad said. “My husband works night shift so he has just pretty much given up his sleep since trials in order for me to train for Warrior Games. Lately he’s done all the housework and all the laundry. He helps to prepare meals, helps to do grocery shopping. He has just completely taken the entire load for me.”

Her 6-year-old daughter has also been an inspiration.

“She comes to training with me. She comes to the gym with me. She’ll work out side-by-side with me the best she can or she’s just cheering me on,” said Goad. She’s just been, not only supportive, but just such a well-behaved child to get me through this.”

Goad participated in five wheelchair racing events during the first weekend of the Warrior Games. She earned three silver medals and two bronze.

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