CBS4 EXCLUSIVE: The crazy life of an NFL parent

Alvin Sr. (left) and Vurgess Jones (right) sit on decked out Packers couch.

credit: KDBC

With one son a rising star in the NFL and the other an All-Conference USA linebacker, the parents of twin brothers Aaron and Alvin Jones are pretty busy.

“Alvin is first priority because it’s his senior year so the goal is we are going to get to all of his games,” Vurgess Jones, Aaron and Alvin's mother said.

“I just look at it as we are continuing to support our kids like we always have done. It’s just now that we have to travel a lot more,” added their dad, Alvin Jones Sr.

Since their boys started playing college football Vurgess has only missed a couple of games, while her husband has never missed a single one, be it home or away.

“Any time I can turn and know that they’re there in the stands it gives me like a sense of a security blanket," Green Bay Packers rookie running back Aaron Jones said during his return home to El Paso for his team's bye week. "It means a lot to me. I was promised (my dad) would always be there every step of the way, he’s stuck true to his word and I can’t thank him enough."

-- Now would be a good time to mention Vurgess was still serving one of her 27 years in the Army; Alvin Sr. served 29.

Being there every step of the way comes with a lot, and I mean A LOT of travel.

“We’ve got a routine down." Mrs. Jones explained. "We try to come back home every Monday, we rest every Monday and Tuesday, and then we’re back at it again."

“You know we’re just in-and-out, in-and-out." Mr. Jones jokes. "My wife does a great job of taking care of all the travel arrangements. The one time she asked me to help her I screwed it up, bad."

Mrs. Jones explained her strategy.

“If Alvin plays at home that Saturday, we have to take the flight out of El Paso on Sunday morning but it goes to Appleton. The connection is so tight at the Chicago airport, and I didn’t realize how big it (Chicago O’Hare) is. So we literally have to put the backpacks on and run to make it… One time we didn’t get to Aaron’s game in Minnesota until halftime because the plane was late,” Vurgess said.

There are, however, some drawbacks to being a famous family according to the Joneses.

“There are people that come up to him with their hands out, thinking they should get this or that – NO!” Mr. Jones said as he clenched his fist on the couch.

“People think the whole family gets all this free stuff and the parents lives large," Mrs. Jones mocks. "No! We worked, we retired, we have our own money. Still, people think, ‘Oh your child is going to buy you a house.’ Why is my child going to buy me a house? I have a husband."

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