'Connect to Congress': Rep. Steve Pearce

New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce

From a bombshell book to new memos on marijuana, it's been a busy week in Washington, D.C.

CBS4 talked to New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce about the current issues in our "Connect to Congress" segment.

Pearce said he thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to resend the policy that allowed legal marijuana to flourish will mostly impact recreational marijuana, not medical. Medical marijuana is what's currently legal in New Mexico. He said his staff will talk to the attorney general to figure out what's next.

CBS4 also asked about "Fire and Fury," the new book by Michael Wolff. The congressman said he's read a few excerpts and said it sounds like President Donald Trump.

On North Korea:

The president turned a few heads when he tweeted that his nuclear button was much bigger.

We asked if that was an appropriate response.

"I wish that it were a different approach, myself, I do things pretty low key, pretty quiet, and I don't see that, but I'm also not willing to say, 'It worked in the past, we should do it again,'" Pearce said. "It hasn't been working in the past. We must do something different. I don't think either one will push the button, frankly. The Chinese are not going to let North Korea push the button."

Pearce said he believes one of the big issues going into 2018 will be DACA (spell out on first reference).

He wants to see something in the middle of the road that would give people permanent status,but not full amnesty.

Pearce said he thinks this could be the year that something gets done with immigration.

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