Sen. Rand Paul calls gun control a 'complicated' issue

Sen. Rand Paul speaks to WDKY in Lexington, Kentucky. (WDKY)

Gun control has been a significant topic of discussion for lawmakers since Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Investigators think Stephen Paddock used a device known as a bump stock to turn his semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic weapons.

Many are now calling for a ban on bump stocks to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul visited Lexington on Friday. He says the issue of gun control is a complicated one.

"Is there a way to make man peaceful? Probably not, but I think at the same time there are some reasonable things we can look at. I think there is going to be a great deal of discussion on whether or not we should allow something that's legal to be turned into something illegal."

Paul went on to say that even if stricter regulations were in place, there was likely no rule that could have stopped Paddock.

"He'd never been arrested. There was no history of mental illness. There was nothing in his background that would have stopped him from buying guns, so it isn't easy."

Paul says that with people now using unconventional methods, such as cars and trucks to carry out attacks, even if lawmakers banned all guns tomorrow, people will still find a way. Despite that fact, Paul says it's still essential to combat the issue, but there is no easy fix.

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