Republican Rick Seeberger likely to face Veronica Escobar in Dist. 16 Congressional race

District 16 race

Two Republicans are fighting to be the nominee who challenges Veronica Escobar for the District 16 Congressional seat.

Alia Garcia-Ureste and Rick Seeberger were at GOP headquarters in west El Paso on Tuesday night where supporters showed up for both candidates.

As of 9:30 p.m., Seeberger was leading with 72.16 percent of the vote as Garicia-Ureste trailed behind with 27.87 percent of the vote, unofficial results showed.

Seeberger said he wants to focus on building a strong future in El Paso. He said he plans to fight for economic growth, jobs and health care reform.

“I want to go to Washington, D.C., and represent El Paso and let people know about the strategic assets we have here in the community. And to let them know really the value that El Paso and Ciudad Juarez as a community can bring as an economic engine for our nation,” Seeberger said.

Garcia-Ureste hoped to be the first Republican Hispanic U.S. Congresswoman in Texas. She is hoping to make a change in areas such as national security, veteran affairs, tax reform and education.

"There's still a lot of information that needs to be put out there in order for Congress to make laws according to all of the agreements that we have made as a nation. So I'm still available for public service in a voluntary way.” Garcia-Ureste said.

Garcia-Ureste said she will stand behind Seeberger as long as he continues with conservative values. She is currently a state commissioner and will continue serving her second term, run her small business and be a mom.

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