14 story high-rise may come to Downtown El Paso

WestStar Tower renderings

El Paso's downtown skyline could be looking much different in the coming years.

City council has approved the tax incentives for a new high-rise that will take up space along an entire city block at 601 N. Mesa St.

Renderings of the $700,000,000 WestStar Tower show the structure, mostly made of glass, will be corporate headquarters for WestStar and Hunt Companies.

According to city documents, eight levels of the 14-story building will be used for office space, five levels for parking, including spaces open to the public, and ground floor retail space. The complex will also feature a park-like green space.

WestStar Tower will be constructed on property purchased by Hunt Companies in 2014. At the time, the land purchase was part of an exploratory effort by Hunt to potentially relocate its offices downtown, as well as identifying a suitable site for other office and retail use.

Since then, Hunt received approval by City Council on September 19. WestStar Tower, LLC is still in discussions with the County of El Paso, and hopes to receive the county's approval soon.

"We are very pleased that the city has given their full support to this unique downtown project," said Josh Hunt, executive vice president of Hunt Companies. "We hope to wrap up our discussions with the county in the very near future and receive their approval as well."

Hunt Companies will move its headquarters from West El Paso to the new facility in Downtown El Paso. The Hunt Family Foundation will also be located in the building.

The building is expected to open in late 2019 or early 2020.

This would be the first high-rise office building to be built in Downtown El Paso in almost 40 years.

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