A new look for EPISD PD cars and traffic safety approaching new year

A new look for EPISD PD cars and traffic safety approaching new year

Monday, El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) students are kicking off their new year.

And EPISD police have a new look for their vehicles.

Victor Araiza, chief of police with EPISD says "it was a little more cost effective to have these black and white. They’re very clearly marked, it says El Paso ISD Police Department on them."

The colors used to be red and blue on the white vehicles.

Araiza says that every school has different start times, and this may cause some traffic congestion.

He says leaving home with plenty of time for delays is your best bet.

"We see a lot of safety violations like parents opening doors into traffic when letting they’re kids out at school," says Araiza.

They also see drivers speeding through school zones.

He wants drivers to keep in mind that even if the school zone is not activated, drivers need to keep an eye out for the students with extracurricular activities that take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Not only are pedestrians put in danger when they violate these laws, but getting caught also comes with a fine.

Araiza says, "They can range from anywhere from $100 to $200. Sometimes parking citations are a little bit less but that’s not including court costs."

If you're driving around a school zone, just be aware and slow down.

And don’t forget those stop arms on buses, those violations run up to $1,000.

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