'Abuelitas' in need of meal donations

Olga Tamayo, Casa de las Abuelitas

Casa de las Abuelitas is where many grandmothers have managed to make a new family with a little help from each other. The center, which houses the 16 women, is in need of some community support to continue helping these abandoned elderly women.

Women like Olga Tamayo live at the center. She passes most of her time completing puzzles. Her roommate at Casa de las Abuelitas is Cecilia Pando-Vega.

“We’re a family. We have everything here,” Pando-Vega said.

For many of the women, the center is the only home and family they have.

“Some of them, the family doesn't really want to get involved. It's like they don't have family,” Sister Migdalia Flores said.

Flores said some of the women have even experienced homelessness.

“We try to make this a home for them. Mostly what we try to do is that they can feel that somebody loves them,” Flores said.

The center works off of community support and receives no federal funding.

“Most of the stuff that comes here is donated and people that donate their time and their things and their abilities. That's what we take,” Flores said.

Starlynn Lucero-Ortiz is one of those people.

“I'm here volunteering because it can be my grandma that's elderly and in a shelter,” Lucero-Ortiz said.

She's gone to the center to cook three times this month. Help like hers is exactly what the center desperately needs right now.

“To give the abuelitas not just a meal but so that they can have some contact with other people,” Flores said.

For Lucero-Ortiz, it's one of the best ways to give back to these abuelitas.

“This home gives hope to women who otherwise wouldn't have hope,” Lucero-Ortiz said.

If you’d like to help out and take a cooked meal to the center, you can call Flores at (915) 313–9899 or (202) 740–6569. They’re asking for traditional Mexican plates.

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