Abundant Living Faith Center is opening a third campus

    Tricky Falls location to become new Abundant Living Faith Center campus

    The building located at 209 S. El Paso Street used to be Tricky Falls. It closed in October 2018 and has been vacant since then.

    Abundant Living Faith Center announced to its church last weekend that it would be opening a downtown campus in that building.

    Shannon Neiman, who leads the church, said its hope is to have a full service in Spanish. “Right now, there are only English services where we provide Spanish translation,” she said.

    Local businesses think this expansion will bring a lot of people to shop on the weekends.

    Brenda Gonzalez, who owns Choice Cap downtown, said the business is looking forward to the church opening. “That’s what we want, more people down here. And if it’s a church, even better,” she said.

    Shannon Neiman also says the church has been doing outreach events in the area for years now and is excited to have a campus in the downtown area. “Our hearts continue to grow and continue to be a source of help and resource in our community and what we really believe as a church is we can make a difference and help wherever God opens the door for us,” Neiman said.

    Lorenzo Borjas, the owner of Genesis Perfumeria, said he has noticed a lot of people in the downtown area are Christian.

    “There’s a lot of people from El Paso that don’t come here downtown so this is going to help bring people,” he said.

    David Deljadillo is a salesperson at Dave’s Pawn Shop and says he thinks it’s a good idea the church wants to do a full service in Spanish. “We have more customers that speak Spanish than English. If this helps the area, we would consider opening on Sundays.”

    El Pasoans say there is a lot of work that needs to be done inside.

    “There was a leak and the floor was damaged last time I was in there. The ground has indents like a wave,” Deljadillo said.

    “One concert the floor cracked a little bit because of how loud the bass was, granted it won’t be like that now but it is still a little worrying to me,” Brianne Gonzales said.

    El Pasoans say the parking down here is already bad as it is.

    “Having to find parking, we have to park blocks and blocks away. So they could find another building with a lot next to it, but here I don’t think it’s good,” Megan Escobedo said.

    The church is still developing plans for the building and says it plans to keep the architecture the way it is.

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