Animal Rescue League of El Paso now crowded after NYE fireworks scares dogs

Dog found in El Paso

Shelters in El Paso were very busy Monday, because dogs often get scared and run away after loud New Year’s celebrations. There is one thing you can do tonight to make sure your pets are safe in the future, besides the obvious, which is bringing your pets inside when there are fireworks.

Update the information on your dog's microchip on the national registry.

"It's been a crazy day. Every time we have any kind of holiday that has the fireworks, get ready. Because hundreds of dogs are going to be loose,” said Loretta Hyde, kennel manager with the Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

Hyde said her shelter alone got at least 14 calls Monday about found dogs.

"Not one call where they are trying to find their animals,” Hyde explained. “But people picking up animals that they had found them. We've had one, I take that back. All but two have had chips. But none of them have been registered or up-to-date on the registration on the registration."

That was the case with one friendly dog lost overnight.

"They called and said they saw two dogs in the road,” Hyde said. “One was already dead and the older dog, the bigger one, wasn't leaving his friend in the middle of the road."

As of late Monday night, he was sitting at the Rescue League missing his parents, his home, and now his best friend.

"You could tell they were together for a long time. It's sad,” Hyde said through tears.

He is microchipped, but the information hasn't been updated since 2006. Hyde said people should update the chip any they move, change numbers or the dog changes owners.

"We are having a hard time getting through to Animal Services. I'm sure they are just as crazy busy as we've been. And trying to get that information from the chip is almost impossible today,” Hyde said.

That was also the case for one El Pasoan who lost her dog Monday. The microchip had information for the dog’s previous owner.

CBS4 caught the reunion between the woman and her pup, but employees said they could have been together faster.

"It does work. You just have to make sure that it's a national registration as well as local,” Hyde said.

Animal Rescue League was able to find at least three of the dogs' owners Monday.

You can check to see whether your dog's microchip is up to date by checking the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup at

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