Animal Services looking to place 'warehouse cats'

City of El Paso Animal Services

El Paso Animal Services is launching an unusual program to help their non-adoptable cats find an alternative home.

“We’ve got cats that come in here that aren’t used to being outside on their own and they’re less socialized,” Karen Burden said.

Burden is the community cat coordinator at El Paso Animal Services. She’s working on getting those felines out of the shelter and into alternative homes.

“A warehouse, a true warehouse, even barns, horse stables,” Burden said. ”Where they’ll have shelter and there will be someone there to feed them twice a day and provide water to them.”

Thanks to a cats natural instincts they can help keep your warehouse or barn pest free.

“They can be in these barns, they’re going to be natural pest control and it frees up room in our shelter for other cats,” Tabitha Medina, a volunteer at Animal Services, said.

Getting these cats out soon is important as breeding season approaches.

“We are going to see an increase in our cat population here at the shelter,” Burden said. “So ideally we want to get them out as soon as we can that way we can handle the incoming flow of cats.”

The cats would be neutered or spayed, and microchipped before given for free to new owners.

“I think it’s great, I think there’s so many animals that just need somewhere to go and need a lot of help,” Julia Elorreaga, a foster at Animal Services, said.

The program will run year round. If you’re interested in adopting a barn or warehouse cat, you can contact El Paso Animal Services at (915) 212-7297.

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