Update: Animals at Licon Dairy petting zoo attacked, say owners

    Licon Dairy petting zoo

    The owners of Licon Dairy in San Elizario in far east El Paso County say their petting zoo is open.

    An alleged attack that killed and injured some of its animals at the petting zoo happened overnight, according to the owners.

    They are looking for the owners of a German shepard and a pit bull mix that apparently killed and injured their animals.

    The Licon Dairy has made a GoFundMe page to buy new animals and to rebuild the enclosures that were damaged during the attack. They have a goal of $5,000 and as of Friday they reached $9,658.

    They posted on Facebook that they know where the dogs may have come from.

    “At 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning we had two dogs come in and they slaughtered our animals. It was a German Shepard and Pit Bull mix,” Angel Licon, manager of Licon Dairy, said. “They killed about 10 of our animals that we had for many years and they injured two or three others.”

    Licon said the dogs dug underneath the pens and attacked livestock in the petting zoo like deer, sheep and a swan.

    The swan that had been on the Licon ground for 20 years was killed on Saturday. Licon told CBS4 that he was surprised to see the 11 newborn goats unharmed in the attack.

    The Licon owners said they shot and killed the two dogs in order to protect their animals.

    But he said he doesn’t blame the dogs for the attack.

    “You know it’s not even the animals fault', it’s not the dogs' fault it’s just you know people take more care of their pets,” Licon said. “And it’s not even the breed, people blame pit bulls but it’s just the owners taking more care of their animals.”

    People still showed up to the petting zoo not knowing what happened and the zoo was closed.

    Glen Black and his wife were visiting their daughter and grandkids hoping to see the animals at Licon Dairy.

    But they were shocked and saddened to hear about what happened.

    “You feel bad for the animals and for the owners,” Kerry Perrea, Black’s daughter, said. “Things like that shouldn’t happen.”

    Licon said he and his family hope to have the petting zoo reopened and have the injured animals healed by this weekend.

    “We could replace the animals but that’s not the point. We’re more hurt with what’s been done to our animals,” Licon said.

    Animal Welfare Officers took over the investigation, in accordance with the Sheriff’s Office contract to provide animal control services to the City of San Elizario.

    The Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for assistance in locating or identifying the owners of the two dogs involved if anyone has any information regarding this investigation please contact the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 915-832-4408.

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