BBB asking El Pasoans to be vigilant about health insurance scams

    BBB asking El Pasoans to be vigilant about health insurance scams <p>{/p}

    Scams are common this time of year. A health insurance enrollment scam is causing concern for El Pasoans.

    But what makes this con so relevant right now? What can you look out for?

    It's open enrollment season for Health Care right now, which means El Pasoans might be extra sensitive about calls regarding their health care coverage.

    CBS4 talked to multiple people today who have been getting those types of suspicious calls.

    As your phone rings, do you pick it up, let it ring, or simply decline the call?

    "What I usually do is try not to answer,” said El Paso neighbor Pam Schlieter. "I don't know who those people are."

    Schlieter said she's been getting calls left and right from people telling her she needs health insurance.

    "There's three calls from this number today,” said Schlieter showing CBS4 her phone."It says we're trying to give you information because you've called us, or you've asked for information."

    El Paso neighbor Pat Gardea said her mom has the same problem.

    "When she answers the phone and they start talking, she says, ‘Don't speak English,’ and she hangs up."

    Marybeth Stevens, president of the Better Business Bureau in El Paso said this may seem like a new scam this year, but that they've been tracking it for years.

    "There's very little you can do,” said Stevens. “You can unsubscribe, you can put yourself on the do not call list, all of those things."

    Stevens said not all of these calls are scams, but there are a few red flags to look out for.

    "Be aware of one, if someone is reaching out to you,” said Stevens. “You need to be careful that they're not selling you something that you don't need."

    Asking for personal information is also a red flag. Stevens said to never give that out.

    "There are some people that might have insurance, but they might be convinced that they need additional insurance, or additional coverage."

    "Today, it's three times, they called like every 30 minutes,” said Schlieter.

    Schlieter said she knows she already has health care, but that callers can still be tricky.

    "It's pretty annoying,” she said.

    El Paso's Better Business Bureau said to go to to research valid health care options. And if you're unsure of a caller, the BBB website is a good place to verify a company.

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