Big-ticket items to be considered on voting ballot

Big ticket items to be considered on voting ballot

Tuesday, some El Paso voters will have to decide whether they will approve of a school districts' multimillion-dollar bond.

Texans will also get to decide whether to make changes to the state's constitution.

These propositions would affect veterans, homeowners and government leaders.

Proposition 1 would allow partially disabled veterans and their spouses to get some property tax exemptions if their home was donated to charity for less than market value.

Proposition 2 aims to allow homeowners easier access to the equity built up over time on any of their owned property.

Proposition 3 will set term limits on government officials appointed by the governor ... To an unpaid position.

These are just a few of the seven propositions.

Another important ballot item is the Socorro Independent School District bond.

The bond would support several campus renovations.

Socorro High School would see the biggest change if this bond is approved, its renovations would total $135 million.

People living within SISD boundaries will get to decide whether or not the district will move forward with the $448.5 million bond project.

If the bond passes, it could increase property taxes for those living in SISD boundaries.

People who are 65 years or older would be exempt.

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