Blood donations requested with next hurricane looming

Blood donations requested with next hurricane looming

With Hurricane Irma looming, blood banks are still in need of donations just in case they are needed.

Blood supplies are being used for Hurricane Harvey evacuees at hospitals.

As we reported after Harvey hit, many donor centers in the affected areas were forced to close.

Blood banks are in dire need of type O blood donors at this time.

This group type is critical because group O can donate red blood cells to anybody.

All types of blood are still being accepted.

If you would like to join others who have helped one pint at a time you can walk into any of the following locations from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The east location is located on 1338 N Zaragosa Rd. El Paso, Tx. 79936.

The west location is on 424 South Mesa Hills Dr. 79912.

At this time, platelet and plasma donations are also needed in addition to blood.

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