Bodycam footage shows mother, son being rescued from fire that destroyed home

Bodycam footage of a house fire in Fabens. (Courtesy: EPCSO)

Bodycam footage shows moment first responders rescued family members from burning home

We are getting a first look at dramatic bodycam footage showing the moment first responders saved two people from a burning house.

The bodycam footage offers a unique perspective on what El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters saw when they rescued a mother and son from a house on Yann Road in Fabens.

It caught fire on Tuesday morning.

"I could hear the two subjects, the two victims screaming for help. The first thing in my head was I need to keep calm and I need to get them out to safety," said Deputy Adriana Muñoz, who was one of the first deputies on scene.

Muñoz's quick thinking helped save the lives of Gloria Hernandez and her son, AJ, on Tuesday.

"A lot of the windows were covered by bars. I could see a lot of the smoke coming out of the house," she recalled.

Deputy Muñoz ran around the house until she found a window to break.

"I told them, 'Run to the window, it's already broken,' and the boy [was] like, 'I can't and my mom just passed out!' I'm like, 'Come on, you can do this!'"

That's when four other deputies arrived, along with Fabens, Clint and San Elizario firefighters.

"It was a team effort. If it wasn't for the firefighters, if it wasn't for my partners, we wouldn't have been able to do it. It was great teamwork," Muñoz said.

Muñoz said it's moments like these that make the job worth it for first responders.

"This is my job. This is what I signed up for. It's not just about arresting people. It's about serving the community and knowing that we can be of help," she said.

The Hernandez family says that while AJ is already out of the hospital, his mother remains in the ICU in Lubbock.

All 16 deputies and firefighters will be honored by Sheriff Richard Wiles and other county officials on Commissioners Court on Monday.

Responding deputies were: Deputy Salvador Vergara, Deputy Angel Cordero, Deputy Marc Chavez, Deputy Adriana Muñoz and Deputy Chris Rillo.

The Fabens firefighters who carried Hernandez out were Kevin Jauregui, Isaac Ortega and Freddy Garibay.

Other firefighters who helped were Justin Suarez, Mike Perez, and Juan Castro.

Also assisting were Clint firefighters Freddy Garibay, Velvet Garibay and Jose Ramirez, San Elizario Fire Chief Raymundo Trevizo and Eber Rodriguez.

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