Border Wall construction planned for downtown El Paso

    Border Wall construction planned for downtown El Paso<p>{/p}

    The United States Border Patrol confirms part of President Donald Trump’s border wall will be built in downtown El Paso.

    Border Patrol officials said the Chihuahuita neighborhood is considered a"hot spot for family crossings."

    Belia Sanchez said since the current fence went up there have been few illegal crossings in her neighborhood, which sits on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    "Since the wall people have crossed over, but it's counted," said Belia Sanchez a Chihuahuita neighbor who has lived in that neighborhood for decades.

    U.S. Border Patrol said the fencing will be replaced with a quote wall.

    This worries border activists.

    "As members of the borderland immigration council we understand that migration is a very complex issues therefore we would like our government to look at this issue with a more complex lense," said Cynthia Pompa from ACLU Border Rights Center.

    Pompa says a border wall won't stop illegal immigration.

    The new wall will stretch from Chihuahuita into downtown El Paso, according to Border Patrol.

    For those who will have the new border structure in their backyard there are other concerns beyond illegal immigration.

    "Definitely would affect my view. I wouldn't be able to see the crossing from Juarez, I wouldn't be able to see anything from Juarez," said Pedro Cruces a Chihuahhuita neighbor.

    Border Patrol said the official construction of the wall will start on Friday.

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