Bump stocks scooped up at local gun shop after Las Vegas shooting

Bump stock sales have gone up since the Las Vegas shooting. (CBS4/KFOX14)

A gun shop in El Paso in El Paso is running out of bump stocks. The gun accessory is what the Las Vegas shooter had during the mass shooting last week.

“Since the tragedy we've sold three of the four we had within four days,” Michael McIntyre with Gun Central said.

McIntyre said the bump stock isn't something many people were buying until now.

“It makes the gun less accurate. It's used for wasting ammunition versus hitting a target accurately,” McIntyre said.

Gun owners like J.D. Ray said it's just a revived fad.

“I have one of my own on my AR and it doesn't work that well. It's not anything new,” Ray said.

McIntyre said shoppers could be taking precautions for possible gun legislation after the Las Vegas shooting.

“They heard the word bump stock and they thought, ‘Oh I wonder if I can buy one of those, maybe it will be worth more money later on?’ Maybe they're just looking for something that might not be available sometime in the future,” McIntyre said.

Ray prefers people focus more on training than on shopping.

“There's plenty of gun ranges to go to and you can be educated. It's more about having the knowledge to use the weapon than having a weapon at all,” Ray said.

CBS4 called several other gun shops across El Paso and many said they simply don’t carry bump stocks.

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