Burges HS student petitioning against class ranking calculations

Jaime Moreno is a senior at Burges High School and the vice-president of student council.

A Burges High School student is taking his concerns over the school’s early college program to the school district.

Jaime Moreno said the way the school is determining class rankings is unfair and even though it won’t affect him, he said it’s affecting the whole student body.

"I'm doing it for everybody else,” he said. "I started a petition about three weeks ago to spread awareness to the situation."

Moreno is a high school senior and the vice president of the school’s student council.

"We have a tiered system, so if you take a dual credit or AP (Advanced Placement) class, your classes are worth more points,” he said. "So, if you get a 100 in a dual credit class, it's a 5.0. But, a 4.0 is still a perfect grade."

Moreno said he wants the early college program students and the rest of the student body to be counted separately when it comes to the class’s top 10 percent and when choosing a valedictorian.

"In every way, I feel like we're separated in school and then they want to put us together at graduation,” he said. “So, if you're going to separate us, all I ask is that it's done to the fullest extent. Instead of separating us for four years and then putting us together, competing against each other on unequal playing fields."

So, he created a petition, which has gained about 120 student signatures.

He told CBS4 he will go to the El Paso Independent School District’s board meeting on Tuesday to voice his concerns, and he said a few parents will be by his side.

CBS4 contacted the school district.

It told us Texas Education Agency regulations will not allow it to separate students in the school, since it is one school.

Moreno said he’s hoping someone within the board will hear his concerns.

"I'm hoping it opens their eyes to the problem in this situation, because it's not affecting just anybody,” he said. “It's affecting an entire school and there's many students here who give all of their effort and do what is necessary to be successful in college and aren't being given the opportunities."

We also contacted the Socorro Independent School District.

It told us it does not separate its early college program students from the rest of the school in terms of class rankings.

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