Business owners claim the Paseo De Las Luces project is slowing down revenue

Paseo De Luces Construction (Courtesy: CBS4)

Businesses in downtown El Paso tell CBS4 On Your Side they are running out of patience due to the construction in that area.

There are barrels, construction signs and equipment lined up throughout El Paso street.

CBS4 On Your Side met with business owners who said ever since the project started, revenue has gone down and it will only get worse .

Gustavo Tavera has owned his T-shirt shop, Mr. T, for 29 years.

It's right in the middle of construction for the Paseo De Las Luces project.

"At the beginning, I use to see workers during the day. Now I don't even see workers," said Tavera.

Gustavo said summers are usually the best time for his business, but not this year.

“I really didn't have a good summer. This is the first summer in many years," said Tavera.

Down the street from Mr. T is Los Lopez Lopez, a restaurant also suffering from the construction.

"There's a lot of dust, less customers are coming. But I see that they are working hard to make it more modern," said Victor Cala who is the owner of Los Lopez Lopez.

Businesses we spoke with tell CBS4 On Your Side they were told the city ran out of money. CBS4 On Your Side asked the city but they said that's not the case.

"We are currently on budget and on schedule to complete that by the end of October," said city engineer Sam Rodriguez.

Even though the city claims they are on pace to complete the project, some business owners aren't sure. Tavera said he hasn't seen much progress.

"I doubt it. There’s so many things that they need to do."

The city tells CBS4 On Your Side, it has an aggressive schedule to complete the project by October 31.

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