Campus closure vote postponed by EPISD board president

El Paso Independent School District

El Paso Independent School District officials are postponing the discussion and vote that would determine which schools would be closing.

In a press release, the district said Superintendent Juan Cabrera requested the postponement of the vote that was supposed to happen during Thursday's meeting, because it was determined that a near balanced budget could be presented for approval.

Board president Trent Hatch said the postponement would give the district more time to prepare for potential school closures in the near future.

“I am grateful that administration, working with our teacher associations, identified cost-saving measures to get us closer to a balanced budget,” Hatch said. “Over the last few weeks, we have heard from the community regarding school closures and we want them to know that we take their input seriously. However, we are still committed to right-sizing the district because we want to invest in our students and teachers and secure the financial well-being of EPISD.”

The district said there will still be plans to possibly transition students and staff if the school closures are eventually approved by the board.

“I'm glad they hit the pause button. It was necessary. I think the community’s feedback, plus some internal discussions. It’s time to slow it down, sort it out, plan it right," said the El Paso AFT President, Ross Moore.

Community meeting will continue to be held if those plans continue, the district said.

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