Car crashes into far east El Paso home


EL PASO, Texas People living in one far east El Paso neighborhood woke up to the sound of a car slamming into a home Saturday Morning.

Neighbors say a man drove his car into a home on Red Creek Road.

The driver says he took his eyes off the road to look for his phone, but when he looked up to control the wheel, he was already slammed into the home.

Amy Lopez lives next door to the crumbled home.

She said she heard a loud boom and came outside to see what it was.

“I went downstairs with my mom and that's when we saw the crash. We heard someone crashed into [the home] and the person who drove the car fled the scene," Lopez said.

Lopez said the owners of the home were not there but there was one man inside watching the home for them.

"He's watching the house. It's not like it's a car, so obviously, who wouldn't be upset about that," says Lopez.

The driver of the car didn't want to talk on camera but we did speak to his friend Jose Orozco.

Orozco says the driver called him last night and asked to be picked up.

"He just gave me a call, just let me know the breakdown of things. And he was kind of scared and stuff," Orozco said.

Orozco said he ended up taking his friend to the police station after his friend realized he needed to turn himself in.

"Stuff happens but you just [have] to take responsibility for the things you've done and I felt like he did the right thing,” Orozco said.

The driver of the car said he needs to go back to the police station on Monday to complete his confession statement and citation paperwork.

But before then he hopes to contact the homeowners so he can apologize,

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