Car expert offers tips for driving in rain

    Rain in El Paso on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018.

    The weather in the Borderland got much cooler Thursday. A tropical depression brought heavy downpours across El Paso, according to meteorologist Brad Montgomery.

    "It’s great weather. It’s definitely a change of pace for El Paso," Edward Gonzales said.

    In parts of the city, the rain was steady and continuous Thursday.

    "This little one loves to dance in the rain and jump in the puddles and get all wet. And our newly found puppy as well," Andres Freitekh said.

    Puddles formed on some roadways, slowing things down for drivers.

    "I drive a Mustang, and just driving right here, I drive very, very slow. Just being in a low car, you never know," Christina Freitekh said.

    Car experts advise motorists to not drive through deep puddles because it could cause costly damages.

    "If you’re going through fast through a large puddle, you can suck up water inside your engine, and it could cause your engine to stall and it could be a very expensive repair to do," Austin Adams, owner of A and W Automotive, said.

    Driving slowly through puddles can also protect those around you.

    "Please be careful. Don't go too fast, because then you'll just end up splashing all the other cars around you, and that just causes more deadly crashes because then they get blindsided," Andres Freitekh said.

    To protect your car and your wallet, you should also get your tire pressure checked to avoid hydroplaning, which experts say can happen very easily in rain like today's.

    "You don’t want to hydroplane.... the tires end up on top of the water. You could lose control and then end up in an accident. You don’t want that," Adams said.

    You should also get your windshield wipers checked. Many times they can dry up over the summer and not work properly once it rains.

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