Caught on Cam: Women caught taking money orders from Las Cruces mobile home park

Surveillance footage of women stealing mail from a Las Cruces mobile home park. (CBS4/KFOX14)

More than $2,000 was taken from the rent drop box at the Sunrise Mesa; Family Community Mobile Home Park just off of Highway 70.

The property manager said the two women were able to get away with money orders from last-minute rent payments made over the weekend.

In the surveillance video, you can see a red car pull into the front office at the mobile home park.

One woman gets out of the car but goes back to retrieve a wire hanger with what looks like duct tape on the end of it.

“They did come prepared. It might have been somebody that had come in to look at a property and knew the surroundings,” the property manager said.

The woman on video uses the wire hanger to pull out a trash bag that was taped on the rent box from the inside of the building for any last minute payments.

The two women were able to get away with $2,000, in the form of several different money orders.

Then, the video shows the two women make their getaway.

Many people we spoke with, including the property manager, didn’t wish to appear on camera but told us what they thought about the two women getting away with other people's rent money.

“I would flip out because I have no other way to pay it. It’s, like, I live paycheck to paycheck so that would be really hard on me and my family,” one neighbor said.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable that this could happen in a place where I live and it makes me upset because there are a lot of people that work hard,” another neighbor said.

The property manager said she will no longer use trash bags to keep the rent box from overflowing and she’s already ordered a new rent box so this never happens said.

Las Cruces police said this is an ongoing investigation.

The property manager is offering a cash reward to anyone with any information that leads to an arrest.

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