CBP announces new training program to prevent accidental deaths

U.S. Border Patrol

On the heels of an FBI autopsy release of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez, the academy has now released information on preventing deaths in the field. As CBS4 has reported, the FBI has marked Martinez’s cause of death as “undetermined” and reported there was no evidence to support the theory that he was attacked.

U.S. Customs Border and Protection is working with the Below 100 Program to reduce preventable deaths while on duty.

CBS4 was told the collaboration has nothing to do with Martinez’s death.

The program is a tool used by national law enforcement that has now been adopted by the federal agency. The curriculum is being taught at the Border Patrol academy in Artesia, New Mexico and at sector offices for agents already in the field.

The Below 100 Program works off of five tenents: Wear you belt, wear your vest, watch your speed, what’s important now, and complacency kills. We’re told the program has been tweaked a bit to address an agent’s on-the-job demands.

“Just making our program more Border Patrol centric,” said Agent Carlos Ortiz, acting deputy chief. “Using some of our radios, using some of our agents, and some of our deaths that have occurred throughout our history that kind of resonate with our agents that it can happen to a Border Patrol agent just like it can with a police officer.”

Ortiz said they’ve also taken time to teach the curriculum to a few state troopers and sheriff's deputies offices.

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