CBS This Morning speaks with Agent Rogelio Martinez's fiance about death investigation

Angie Ochoa.jpg

The fiancé of El Paso Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez is still questioning the findings of the investigation so far.

Angie Ochoa spoke with CBS4’s David Begnaud and says she does not think Martinez death was accidental.

Martinez and his partner were found in a culvert near Van Horn in November.

An autopsy revealed Martinez died of severe head injuries but how he sustained those injuries is still undetermined.

The FBI said till this day, there is no evidence of an attack. Martinez’s partner Stephen Garland was released from the hospital after being treated for injuries but says he does not remember what happened.

Ochoa was asked if she was open to the possibility that Martinez’s death could have been an accident.

“No,” she responded. She also said it doesn’t make sense to her.

CBS This Morning will air the full interview with Ochoa on Wednesday. You can watch the story on CBS4 beginning at 7 a.m.

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