CBS4 gets list of citations for downtown El Paso bar under fire for noise issues

Later Later in downtown El Paso

Neighbors call it a nuisance, while others worry it’s a strain on the Police Department.

CBS4 on your side requested the noise complaints and citations for the bar.

From November of 2016 until May 5 of this year, police said they responded to 152 noise complaints at the bar.

Later Later has also been cited 22 times for exceeding the allowed noise level.

Folks who live in the area told CBS4 they’re tired of the noise and all of the activity that comes with having a bar in their neighborhood.

We also showed people in downtown El Paso how many times police have been called out here.

They said it’s excessive, and it needs to be fixed.

“I think there’s more important calls that they could be responding to,” said El Paso resident Jessica Almaraz.

“The cops should do something about it,” said El Paso resident Jasmin Rios. “The people have a voice. If they’re calling multiple times making complaints, they should be heard.”

One of the co-owners of Later Later, Johnny Escalante, did not want to go on camera, but did release a statement to us.

“As part of a new generation of El Paso entrepreneurs, we're committed to creating the exciting spaces which meet the evolving expectations of El Paso's business professionals. We are committed to making changes in our effort to be a good neighbor, including voluntarily hiring off-duty law enforcement equipped with decibel readers to manage noise along with making other concessions to mitigate the impact of noise on those around us. We’re eager to resolve any and all outstanding other legal issues through the courts.”

Arrest warrants have also been issued for the owners, for failing to appear in court about the noise complaints.

The owners told us recently there weren’t notified about the hearings and are trying to have the warrants dismissed.

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