Chihuahuas Opening Day brings big business boost to Downtown El Paso

    Chihuahuas Opening Day brings big business boost to Downtown El Paso

    Opening Day in the Borderland means the Chihuahuas spirit is in full force! Bars in Downtown El Paso, like Blackbird, obviously see a huge boost when there's a Chihuahuas game. People who work near Union Plaza and around Southwest University Park said business is great during baseball season.

    The start to the Chihuahuas season was standing room only. That means more people than usual will be spending time and money in Downtown El Paso.

    "That's the one thing that this stadium is doing for sure," said Chihuahuas fan Rogelio Vasquez. "Restaurants, bars, clubs, I mean Downtown has a lot of unique eating experiences, and I recommend anyone that's from the Westside, East or Northeast come over."

    Vasquez is not going to the game. But he went to the cigar bar near the stadium just to feel the spirited atmosphere.

    "Near the game...and then when there's a big play, I'll just come outside and then boom!" Vasquez said.

    For some fans, it's a place to kill time before the game and to avoid traffic after the game.

    "Because we were going to the game and we heard about this bar before, so we stopped in," said Chihuahuas fan Paul Gannon.

    "People come to the Chihuahua game are normally people who don't ever come here except for the Chihuahua game," said Andres Romero, owner of Kaedama food truck.

    Sitting just a block away from the game, the food truck set up shop just to take advantage of the extra foot traffic.

    "It could be almost double for us. We're a small food truck, this is basically a double shift," Romero said.

    Vasquez said while you're down here, you might just find your new favorite spot.

    "I mean you gotta gorgeous park, you have amazing scenery either way, I mean Downtown is full of surprises, and you never know, you might walk into a little hole in the wall that will blow your mind away," Vasquez said.

    After the game you can expect the bars here to have plenty of Chihuahuas fans who are happy to have baseball season back.

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