Chihuahuita residents react to President Trump's replacement wall

Chihuahuita residents react to President Trump's replacement wall

An extension of the existing border fence near the Chihuahuita neighborhood is under construction as President Donald Trump pushes for funding for his long-promised border wall.

South of downtown El Paso, passersby can see material that is being used to replace an outdated, chain-link fence with a steel bollard wall.

U.S. Border Patrol officers were spotted securing the area when our news crew was there Thursday.

Construction of the new section of border fence was announced in September.

U.S. Border Patrol gave a press conference in September regarding the construction of new steel bollard wall and replacement of existing fence in the Chihuahuita neighborhood.

Residents of Chihuahuita neighborhood have been living with the border fence in their backyard for years.

Some of those CBS4 spoke with said they welcome the barrier because they see it as extra security.

Others residents who live nearby said they have not seen undocumented migrants running in their neighborhoods. They said they don’t see the need to spend extra money on it.

"You've got, in El Paso, over $1 billion in law enforcement, all the agencies together. It's not necessary to waste taxpayer money on a wall when you have so many agencies. What you need is technology," said Robert Vega Jr.

In September, Chief Patrol Agent Aaron A. Hull said the work to replace the existing fence was needed because the fence is deteriorating.

He said its design will also help the Border Patrol detect illegal entries and the smuggling of narcotics into the United States by providing situational awareness of activity south of the wall.

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